AC/DC is cashing in from their decision to put their catalog on iTunes.  In the Australian bands first week, they sold 48,000 digital albums and 696,000 songs.

The debut was one of the biggest of all time on iTunes.  The bands most popular songs led the way.  Thunderstruck sold 85,000 units, You Shook Me All Night Long sold 64,000, and Highway to Hell sold 50,000.  On the album side of things, the classic  record Back in Black sold 15,000 digital copies, which is more than 10,000 more than their second best selling album, Highway to Hell.  The band's new live album, Live at River Plate, moved 4,000 digital units.

The Beatles, another famous digital holdout, sold 119,000 digital albums and 1.42 million songs in the first week.  However, that was with a ton of fanfare and marketing.  When Led Zeppelin put their stuff on iTunes, they sold 47,000 albums and 300,000 songs.