Adele will record the theme song for the next James Bond film.  The British singer recently won an Oscar for Skyfall, the theme to last year's Bond movie.  A source told British newspaper The Sun:

“Producers are thrilled by how well the song has been received and hope Adele’s presence on the next film will replicate that success.  They want her to become as synonymous with Bond as Dame Shirley.”

Shirley sang the theme for three James Bond films.

While we know that we will hear Adele the next time a James Bond film is released, we do not know when the singer will release her next album.  She tells The Daily Mail that she is eager to work on new music, but she has to write it first.  Adele is slow to say when that will be, "They'll come when they're ready and I've got something to sing about," Adele told a reporter.