Avril Lavigne will cover the Nickelback song How You Remind Me on the soundtrack for a new anime film, One Piece Film Z, which will release in Japan in December.  Lavigne recently got engaged the Nickelback front-man Chad Kroeger.

The Anime News Network (which is apparently a thing) revealed the details of Lavigne's contributions to the film's soundtrack.  The creator of the film was impressed by Avril's version of the Nickelback song.  He was so impressed that he sent a letter thanking Avril for the song.  Then, Avril's people suggest he also use her cover of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation (which was previously covered by Lavigne).

Avril and Kroeger hit it off at a recording session for Lavigne's upcoming album.  The record will feature songs from the both of them.

Photo Credit:  Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images