Blink-182 will release an EP by Christmas.  According to drummer Travis Barker, the release will be "a hundred times better' than the band's 2011 Neighborhoodsalbum.  It will also include a surprising tune.  Barker tells Rolling Stone that the EP will include a "very folky" song.  On the unique Blink song, Barker says:

"It's way out. We all had some ideas. I went in the studio and I was just playing around. I had my electronic kit and I just played a straight drum pattern over it, and it sounded crazy. It changed the entire shape of the song."

Neighborhoods was the band's reunion album.  The members recorded it remotely, but they recorded the new EP together.  Also, Barker feels a lot better now than he did while working on Neighborhoods.  At the time, he was still healing from his 2008 plane crash.

The band plans on touring Australia in the early part of 2013.  After that, they intend on working on a new full length album which they hope to release by the end of next year.