Tom Scholz is suing his former Boston bandmate Barry Goudreau for copyright infringement.  Scholz and Goudreau are the two original guitarists of the band.  Scholz, is the band's leader and chief songwriter.  Goudreau left the band after their first two albums.

Scholz is claiming that Goudreau is misusing Boston's trademarks and exaggerating his contributions to the band.  In the lawsuit, Scholz's attorney, Erik Paul Belt, works hard to minimize Goudreau's contributions the band.  The suit claims that Goudreau only played guitar on two songs on the first album and four on the second.

Also, according to the suit, Goudreau signed an agreement that he will get 20 percent of the royalties from the band's first two albums, but is not allowed to use the name "Boston."  He is allowed to use the phrase "formerly of Boston."

Scholz says that Goudreau has repeatedly called himself "Barry Goudreau of Boston" in promotional materials.  Scholz says that suggests he's still in the band, which he isn't.  As a result, Scholz wants money from Goudreau and wants to cancel their earlier agreement.