Britney Spears is expected sign a deal worth over $100 million a year to perform around 80 concerts in Las Vegas over the next two years.  

The Las Vegas residency is expected to be one of the most lucrative in the history of the city.  TMZ sources say the final amount of moeny to be paid to Spears will be "astronomical."  Caeser's Palace is expected to be setting for the Spears show.

It's been a tough stretch of days for Spears.  She split from her fiance Jason Trawick and lost her job as a judge on The X Factor.  But Britney always wanted to do a Vegas residency and with those commitments out of the way, there is little in her way.

According to sources, there will be clauses in Spears' contract to protect Caeser's Palace against a possible return to Britney's erratic behavior.  The Daily Mirrorsays the pop-star will likely have to appear for a set number of shows before getting paid.