Britney Spears catapulted into super-stardom at 17 after the success of her debut album, ...Baby One More Time.  She had already had moderate fame at a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

As the years went by, Spears spiraled out of control.  She experienced a very public meltdown.  She spent time in rehab, lost custody of her children, was sued, and all of it was heavily covered in tabloids.

But, Spears has slowly made a pretty strong comeback.

Representatives of Justin Bieber believe that Spears' experience make her the perfect person to talk some sense into the Canadian popstar.

After becoming a teen superstar himself, Bieber has experienced a series of negative episodes.  So, his representatives brought in Spears to, "talk some sense into him."

A source tells The Sun, "Britney warned him of the slippery slope that can easily lead to rehab – or even death – among young pop stars."

Time will tell if Britney got through to the 19-year-old star.