Def Leppard will perform three shows a week in Las Vegas starting at the end of March.  Since they will be together with a lot of time to spare, the band plans on working on new music, according to guitarist Vivian Campbell:

"It's not very often that the five of us in Def Leppard are in one place together with time on our hands, so we've got a little Pro Tools rig and we're just gonna actually record in our hotel room while we're there — get some new ideas for some long-overdue new Def Leppard."

Campbell said that normally when the band is on tour they spend a lot of time traveling, so it is difficult to get into writing mode.

While in Las Vegas, Def Leppard will perform it's 1987 album, Hysteria, in it's entirety.  The show will be appropriately called, Viva Hysteria!