The Eagles are on what could be their last major tour, according to Don Henley.  In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Henley says, "This could very well be our last, major tour."  Henley explained that the tour could go on until 2015.

Ticket prices for an Eagles concert range from $60 to $200.  Since the band's Hell Freezes Over tour, the band has been known as the band that broke the "$100" ticket barrier.  Henley calls that claim a "myth" and notes that several artists charged triple digits before The Eagles.  

After The Rolling Stones grabbed headlines with $600 tickets and Kid Rock made noise with his $20 tickets, many have debated concert prices.  Henley takes issue with Kid Rock:

"If Mr. Rock wants to charge 20 bucks per ticket, good for him. He's a relative newcomer, so maybe that's appropriate. But after 42 years, eight Grammys, induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and over 120 million records sold, we think we're worth more than 20 bucks, and hundreds of thousands of our fans seem to agree."

Henley also discussed the inclusion of original guitarist Bernie Leadon.  Joe Walsh said that Leadon would be included on the tour in April and Henley confirmed that.  He also said that original bassist Randy Meisner would have been included on the tour, but he is dealing with health problems.