Don Henley of The Eagles will release a new solo album in May, but he is also breaking news regarding the famous band's upcoming tour.  Henley explains:

"We’re gonna include at least one former band member in this tour and kinda go back to the roots, and how we created some of these songs. We’re gonna break it down to the fundamentals and then take it up to where it is now.”

The current lineup includes original members Henley and Glenn Frey as well as long time members Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit.  Guitarist Don Felder will not be the addition. The man who wrote the band's most famous song, Hotel California, will not be welcome after trashing Henley and Frey in a book.  Henley makes that very clear.

That leaves Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon.  Expect to see one or both of them with the band in the near future. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Images