Fleetwood Mac will perform new songs when they hit the road this year.  Mick Fleetwood, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss their plans for new music and to take a look back on their seminal album, Rumours, and it's 35th anniversary.

Buckingham told Rolling Stone that he recorded several tracks with Mick and John McVie while Stevie was on tour.  He says that the songs they recorded were created with Stevie in mind and Stevie has since sang on two of the tracks.  Buckingham adds, "Some of this we will do in the show."  On the idea of these songs ending up on an album, Buckingham says:

"We're not pushing it. We're just going to wait and see what everybody wants to hear."

It is a big year for Fleetwood Mac.  The band is celebrating the 35th anniversary of their seminal Rumours album.  When Rolling Stone did a story on the making of Rumours, the cover featured the band in bed together.  Relationships between members of the band fueled troubles.  Stevie Nicks says that is what they had to overcome to make Rumours:

"You knew you were going to the studio at 2 [p.m.], and you knew you would be there until 3 or 4 in the morning. And you couldn't sit there at the board and glare at your ex-partner. You had to be a grownup."

Fleetwood Mac will perform in Charlotte at the Time Warner Cable Arena on June 24th.