On stage in their native Australia, INXS announced that they were breaking up.  In a statement on their website the band confirmed the news.  The statement reads:

“We understand that this must come as a blow to everybody, but all things must eventually come to an end. We have been performing as a band for 35 years, it’s time to step away from the touring arena.  Our music will of course live on and we will always be a part of that.  We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the friends and family that have supported usthroughout our extensive career. Our lives have been enriched by having you all as a part of the journey."

INXS formed in 1977 and released 12 studio albums.  Their 1987 album Kick was the band's best selling album.  Worldwide, the band sold over 30 million records.

In 1997, lead singer Michael Hutchence died.  Since then, the band struggled to continue.  They even participated in Rock Star:  INXS, a reality competition television show on CBS, which helped the band find a new lead singer.  J.D. Fortune won the competition and fronted the band for five years.  Ciaran Gribben replaced Fortune in 2011.