Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh recently told Billboard that founding member Bernie Leadon will play with the band on their upcoming tour, specifically on some of the songs that were recorded while he was in the band.  Walsh replaced Leadon in 1975.

The band's first four albums include Leadon on guitar.  He co-wrote a handful of Eagles songs including the classic, Witchy Woman.  On Leadon, Walsh tells Billboard:

"I never really got a chance to play with him, but we've been in contact. We see him from time to time, and I'm really glad he's coming because it's going to take the show up a notch, and I'm really looking forward to playing with him, finally."

Walsh possibly spoke too soon, according to Rolling Stone.  An Eagles spokesperson said that details like Leadon's inclusion on the tour are "in discussion."  It is also unclear if other former members will be included in the tour.

Bernie Leadon left The Eagles in 1975 after multiple heated battles with Glenn Frey.  Since then, he has contributed to various country, rock, and bluegrass bands.