Last year, Avril Lavigne and Nickelback front-man wrote and recorded together.  Originally, Kroeger was only going to contribute to one song.  They hit it off and he helped out on several more.  The musicai collaboration blossomed into romance and now the two Canadian musicians are engaged.

The first single from Lavigne's upcoming album, which is expected to release in the Summer, was co-written by Chad Kroeger.  It is called Here's to Never Growing Up.  Listen to it below.  Avril's voice is instantly recognizable.  You will also hear the strong Nickelback influence.  She also mentions Radiohead.

Lavigne and Kroeger talked about the new music and their relationship with Ryan Seacrest.  If you're interested in wedding details and hearing Seacrest mispronounce Chad's last name, watch the interview.

You do not hear Kroeger's voice on Here's To Never Growing Up but there is a duet that will be on the album.