Muse says they try to keep prices to their concerts reasonable for fans.  Another British band, The Rolling Stones, recently made headlines for the high prices to their shows.  On that subject bassist Christopher Wolstenholme says:

"What's reasonable for one person isn't reasonable to another, but there really is only so much money a band needs."

Christopher isn't against making money.  He adds, "It's important to make some money but we don't always break even because the most important thing is to go out and play live."

Muse is touring the world.  Tickets to their American shows start at $35.  Tickets to see The Rolling Stones started at $172.  While some of Muse's arena shows have sold out, there are tickets still available to many of their concerts.  Of course, the Stones are only playing four shows and it is possible that the concerts could be the last for the band.