Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has played with numerous bands since the demise of the legendary Seattle band.  But, a lot of his time has been spent as a political activist.  He currently works with a nonprofit organization called FairVote.

One of Novoselic's biggest goals with the group is to change how we elect our president.  Currently, we elect our president through the "Electoral College" in which candidates win states' electoral college voters.  FairVote and Novoselic want a national popular vote to determine the Commander in Chief.

Speaking to Politico, Novoselic said that American politics are "so predictable."  He said that he would spend election night watching a DVD.  Then, he says, "I’ll get up the next morning and it’ll be either Romney or Obama. I’m just not going to stay up all night and, ‘Here comes this state’ or ‘Here comes that state.’”