Prince performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday night.  He deilvered blistering performances of a new song, Screwdriver, and a classic, Bambi.  At the end of Bambi, Prince tossed his guitar into the air and let it smash on the floor.

But, it wasn't his guitar.

The Epiphone guitar belonged to The Roots' Captain Kirk Douglas.  The Roots serve as Jimmy Fallon's house band.  When Prince saw the guitar, he asked Douglas if he could borrow it for the performance.  Douglas agreed and apparently asked Prince to sign theguitar for him.  Prince declined.  But, he did smash it.

After the show, Douglass tweeted a picture of the damage.  He also said that the only reason the guitar was in the building was because he was going to use it at a Prince tribute concert at Carnegie Hall.