Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello is filling in for E Street Band's Steven Van Zandt on the Australian leg of Bruce Springsteen's tour.  

Morello's got a handful of Bruce concerts under his belt and admits that it's been challenging and fun.  Morello tells Rolling Stone:

"I learned about 50 songs in three months for the tour, and every night, 90 minutes til soundcheck, Bruce will text me with seven or eight songs we've never played before.  And then during the show, he'll call up songs we've never even discussed – some I've never even heard!"

Springsteen's concerts have been stretching to almost four hours in length.  That's not easy even when you've been playing the songs for years.  But, lucky for Morello, he picked up Bruce's songs pretty quickly.  The Harvard educated guitarist admits, "I'm pretty good at test-taking. I have pretty good guessing skills."