Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks has a beautiful house, plenty of money, and is on a big tour.  But, she struggles to meet men.

Speaking to Vulture, Nicks reveals that it is difficult to find mates at her age and status.  Nicks explains, “It is hard!  Relationships are hard enough, but to be a strong woman who’s also in front of a large audience of people who are trying to connect with you—it’s threatening.”

Nicks even jokes with fellow musician, Sheryl Crow, about starting a dating service for rich, aging musicians.  Nicks believes her dating service video would go like this:

 “Hi! My name is Stevie Nicks, and I’m looking for somebody that is no more than five years older than me. Please no health problems, no diabetes, no heart disease, no gout, please, no bipolar; if you’re on an antidepressant, not good.” Or: “Hi! You know, I’m in a band called Fleetwood Mac, and, you know, I’m looking for, like, a guy who’s, like, tall, and, like, you know, anywhere from … well, I don’t really date younger men, so, you know, anywhere, from, I guess I could go as young as 58. And as old as 68. Not 70. Just 68. And, um, I like to travel, but I have an assistant, and she always has to come with me because I really gave up packing a long time ago.”

So, if you fit that description, you might want to attend the Fleetwood Mac concert on June 24th.