Taylor Swift is rumored to be dating British pop-star Ed Sheeran, according to sources.  The two singer-songwriters worked together on Everything Has Changed, a song from Taylor's new album, Red.

Sheeran will join Swift on her upcoming tour, also.  They have been tweeting at each other a lot lately, of course it is not unique to see a headliner interacting with their opening act.  On working with Swift, Sheeran has said:

“As a person, Taylor’s such a sweetheart. [She's] the perfect example of what musicians should be and how they should work and react. She just loves music and she’s not in it for anything else.”

Sheeran also recently got a tattoo of the word "Red" on his arm.  Of course, he could be paying homage to his hair.

Photo Credit:  Mike Coppola/Getty Images