If you were a teenage girl in 2004, there is a good chance you knew about Mean Girl.  The high school film starring Lindsay Lohan was incredibly popular with teenagers and that included Taylor Swift, who was 14 when the movie released.

The film tells the story of a new girl in school who runs into the "Plastics" who are considered the most popular girls in school, despite the fact that they are not the nicest people.  The ringleader drove a Lexus SC430 convertible in the movie.  So, a few years later after achieving fame and fortune, Swift purchased the exact same model of car.


Taylor Swift explains the reasoning behind the splurge to the British newspaperThe Guardian:

"All the girls who were mean to me in middle school, like, idolised the Plastics.  I think I chose that car as a kind of rebellion against that type of girl. It was like, 'you guys never invited me to anything, you guys are obsessed with that car and that girl and what the Plastics wear and how they talk and you quote them all the time, but I've been working really hard every single day.'"

So, the hard working Swift was able to purchase a luxury convertible as a teenager while her classmates were likely stunned.