The Avett Brothers bassist Bob Crawford received some bad news about a year ago.  His two-year-old daughter Hallie was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The prognosis was bad.

Crawford and his wife Melanie took Hallie to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  Now, Crawford is happy to report that Hallie's health is improving.  But, she still has a long way to go.  in an interview withPaste, Crawford explains:

"She has beaten all the odds so far. I mean, the cancer’s still—it’s a terrible, terrible cancer she has, but as of today there’s no tumor and we just pray that it never comes back again, but she’s really making miraculous progress under steep odds."

Both Avett brothers and Joe Kwon assisted Crawford through the experience, says Crawford.  "Pretty much every day, until those guys had to play shows again, one of them at least was at the hospital at all times."

Crawford, who took a break from the band's touring schedule, is back full-time with the band.  He will walk in a St. Jude Give Thanks Walk in Raleigh on November 17.