Brandon Flowers, the front-man for The Killers, is a Mormon.  We rarely mention a musician's religion, but the presidential election is close and one of the candidates is a Mormon.  So, it comes up.

Flowers is in an interesting juxtaposition.  Most alternative/indie rock bands (or whatever you want to call The Killers) are left leaning and most Mormons lean to the right.  So, which way will The Killers lean in this election?  Flowers answered that question:

"I keep saying it, I feel like a broken record but we're neutral. We've never really embraced one side or the other, or used our success to really preach like that."

The Killers performed at the White House in 2010 for the second annual "Salute to the Military" concert and Flowers had lunch with Mitt Romney, who has listed The Killers as one of his favorite bands.

While Flowers says The Killers are neutral on presidential politics, they did campaign for another Mormon politician, Democratic Senator Harry Reid.  But, that's more of a family connection than a political thing.  Reid knows Flowers' aunt and the Senator attended the same high school as Flowers' parents.

Photo Credit:  Stuart Wilson/Getty Images