Beyonce will not be paid to perform at the halftime of the Super Bowl and she may have to pay some of the production costs out of pocket.  But, it is totally worth it, according to sources.

Greg Aiello, an NFL spokesman, told the Daily Mail, "We pay the production costs for the halftime show, there is no fee for the artists."  The NFL gave Madonna a $600,000 production budget, but that performance cost over $1 million.

It is possible that Beyonce will cover costs out of pocket, but it is unlikely.  Pepsi, who recently signed a $50 million deal with Beyonce, will likely take care of Beyonce's bill.  If not Pepsi, who is also the presenting sponsor of the halftime show, it could be Beyonce's record label.

But, the cost of performing at the Super Bowl halftime is outweighed by the benefits.  Sales of Beyonce songs are likely to spike after the performance and it will be a nice start to her campaign with Pepsi, which will feature the pop-star's face on soda cans.