Train has decided to take a stand against the Boy Scouts of America and their policy of barring openly gay people from participating in the organization.  The band and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen were scheduled to perform at the organization's Jamboree this summer.

But, Train has refused to play unless the organization changes their stance.  They posted the following statement to their website and Facebook page:

"When we booked this show for the Boy Scouts of America we were not aware of any policy barring openly gay people from participation within the organization. Train strongly opposes any kind of policy that questions the equality of any American citizen. We have always seen the BSA as a great and noble organization. We look forward to participating in the Jamboree this summer, as long as they make the right decision before then."

Over 60,000 people signed a petition on to get Train and Carly Ray Jepsen to denounce the Boy Scouts.  So far, Jepsen has not addressed the petition.  But, the singer has publicly defended gay marriage in the past.