U2 has been working on a new album for quite some time.  They have a working title, 10 Reasons to Exist, but it could still be a long time before we hear anything.  Bono, who recently stopped work on the record due to the flu, says the band is looking to get things right.  He tells The Sun:

“They’re mad for it at the moment and they really want to make a new record. And they don’t care if it takes ten years – they don’t care if it never happens again, they just want to get it right.  Within the band we’ve been calling it 10 Reasons To Exist – but I will tell you we might have at least six of them.”

We can assume the "10 reasons' mean songs.  So, we are guessing this means that the band has six songs.  Of course, it sounds like the band is a long ways away from completing the record.