Van Halen singer David Lee Roth said that the band would tour extensively, particularly in Europe, in 2013.  That was on Monday.  On Tuesday, the manager for the other 3/4s of Van Halen denied his claim.  Irving Azoff, who manaages Eddie, Alex, and Wolfgang Van Halen denied the rumors to Rolling Stone:

"Nothing's been discussed yet..Why would he say this? Hey, Dave's a talkative guy. Why don't you call and ask him?"

Azoff went on to add that it would take something special to get the band to do a big tour in 2013 and that, "It certainly won't be a tour of Europe."

Van Halen will play two shows in Australia in April, three dates in Japan in June, and the Rock USA Festival in July in Wisconsin.

It is never surprising when the members of Van Halen aren't on the same page with their lead singer.  Roth has made it clear that he's itching to hit the road.  Eddie Van Halen is coming back from major surgery.  His brother Alex will always publicy defend Eddie.  One would expect Eddie's son Wolfgang to do the same.