Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen plays in TremontiAlter Bridge/Creedguitarist Mark Tremonti's solo band.  At first, he was just filling in on the road.  But, now it appears that the son of Eddie Van Halen may have a permanent role with Tremonti.

According to Mark Tremonti, Wolfgang's priority is with his family band.  However, when he's not touring with Van Halen, he will be working with Tremonti:

“Van Halen will always be his priority, whenever they are touring. When he’s not touring, he’ll be with us. He will write and play on the records and, if he is on tour with Van Halen, we will find somebody that he is comfortable with filling in his shoes.”

Wolfgang's father Eddie is out of commission for several months due to an emergency surgery.  So, it looks like the young Van Halen will get plenty of time with his new band.

Photo Credit:   David Becker/Getty Images