Jack White donated $200,000 to the National Recording Preservation Foundation which essentially kick started the organization.

The NRPF was recently created to preserve the audio history of the United States.  They are trying to archive our radio, music, and recorded sound history.

White's gift is the first money the new organization has received.  Executive Director Gerald Seligman explains, "The donation is very much a game changer.  It is our first and therefore provides the welcome opportunity to go from talk about the needs and priorities of audio preservation to concerted action."

Seligman went on to say, "The Library of Congress has laid the groundwork for the long-term preservation of our audio history but the challenges to achieving this at a significant scale are daunting. I hope that Mr. White’s extraordinarily generous donation inspires many others, especially those in the recording business—record companies, artists, songwriters, and others—to follow his lead to help ensure that we are able to preserve and make accessible recent and historical recordings at risk of loss.”

This is not the first time Jack White has forked over considerable money to protect items of historical significance.  Earlier in the year, he donated $142,000 to save a Detroit theatre.