Sick Puppies' background is an interesting one, as the Australian band played a role in one of the most captivating world movements of the new millennium. Their song "All the Same" provided the music for the Free Hugs Campaign video (below), which has over 74 million views on YouTube. 

Their participation in the video led to appearances on "Oprah" and "Good Morning America," and a performance on "The Tonight Show."

The band has been busy ever since, recently beginning their latest tour for new album "Connect." Although they are a month in to the tour, they took a pit stop in Charlotte to play at Weenie Roast 2013.

The band hit the main stage at 5:40, but met up with DZL beforehand to discuss "Connect," their thoughts on the album, and performing. You can check out the link to their full interview here:

"[The fans] really speak to us, they tell us what they want," said Sick Puppies lead singer Shimon Moore. He said the band is able to tell us which songs the fans will like more, and the group sometimes utilizes an improv style on stage.

After the band's interview, they took a few minutes to meet with some excited fans! Be sure to check out the photo gallery.

Sick Puppies posted this photo (below) of drummer Mark Goodwin on Instagram after the group finished their show. They clearly rocked Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, and we're glad they took part in Weenie Roast 2013!