Sting has an estate in Tuscany.  You can rent cottages there for about $10,000 a week.

Now, you can get to work.

At Sting's Tuscan estate, you can join the help and pick olives and grapes.  According to the Telegraph, visitors are invited to "roll up your sleeves."

Is this something to help you offset the cost of staying there for the week?


It will cost you $345 a day.  That's right.  Sting is charging people hundreds of dollars for the opportunity to pick his grapes and olives.  You will experience, "succulent grapes and luscious wines, tart olives, green rolling hills, warm autumn sunshine, Cypress trees like tall sentries and the adventure and excitement of being part of the annual vendemmia, the traditional October grape and November olive harvests respected by generations of Tuscan farmers."

 Sting is one of the richest musicians in the world.  Estimates put his financial worth at $300 million.  He bought the 900-acre estate in 1999 and restored the property.  Now, in addition to the cottage rentals and produce picking, the estate sells its own wine, olive oil, and honey.