Rapidfire was a band that existed for a short time in 1983.  The band is notable for one reason.  Their singer was Axl Rose.

After the band broke up, Rose started Hollywood Rose, which would eventually become Guns N' Roses.

Kevin Lawrence, Rapidfire's guitarist, wants to release a demo that the band recorded.  But, when he shared a clip on Youtube in 2013, Axl Rose's lawyers placed a copyright claim on the video.

Lawrence still wants to commercially release the demo on CD, despite Rose's objections.  He claims that he owns the rights to the music.  On Facebook he wrote, "Hoping Kickstarter works as well to help pay for pressings. I think we're gonna need alot of CDs especially for South America. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead man. Oh and I can't wait for the 500 page ILLEGAL harassment of a cease and desist. Snore...zzz.zzz. Heard of interference of business and SLAPP suits? I OWN the copyrights, the masters, the photpos, the performances and I have the receipt that I paid for it all... lol... open and shut. Nite."