Do you have a pulse?

If you do, this video will hit you.  Hard.

Connor "The Crusher" Michelek loved WWE and superstar wrestler Daniel Bryan.  In 2012, a video of Connor on YouTube helped spur a movement.  He wanted to meet his favorite wrestler.  When that message got to the WWE and Bryan, they agreed.  Connor and Daniel met in Pittsburgh at a WWE show that year.

When Connor was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer.  He battled for five years.

Earlier this year, Connor's dad told the WWE that he did not have long.  So, the WWE invited Connor to Wrestle Mania.

You should watch the video for the rest.


The WWE receives a ton of criticism.  But, this is one thing they definitely get right.  John Cena, for example, has granted over 400 requests for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, more than anybody else.