Steely Dan can "smell" a new album.  The duo of Walter Becker and Donald Fagen discussed their process with Billboard as they are gearing up for a tour called Mood Swings 2013:  8 Miles to Pancake Day.

Becker explains where they are on recording a new album, "It's in the air, it really is.  It's just a smell now. The next thing is then you taste it, then you start to feel it. You know how this goes."

Fagen notes that he struggles to write on the road, but they already have songs that they worked on, "Back in, like, 1984."  He goes on, "We have a bunch of things."

The band hits the road soon and will play shows through September.  They will perform at Uptown Amphitheater in Charlotte on September 17.  For much of the band's career, they avoided the road.  But, for the past 20 years, they've toured on a regular basis.