North Carolina to Limit Store Occupancy

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s new executive order will go into effect Monday at 5 PM and it includes three parts:

  1. Stores may not have a number of people inside at one time that is more than 20% of the stated fire capacity or either five people for every 1,000 square feet. Stores must mark six feet of distance at places where people need to gather, like checkout lines, and they must perform frequent environmental cleaning and routine disinfection. The order also encourages stores to make hand sanitizer accessible, set shopping times for seniors and at-risk people, use shields at check out, and mark aisles as 1-way to limit traffic.
  2. Also includes mandatory protective measures for nursing homes that had previously been recommended as guidance. It prevents dining and group activities in common spaces. It requires face masks for employees.
  3. Requires additional measures that will get more unemployment claims processed faster. The order makes it easier for employers to file a batch of claims on behalf of their employees. This is known as an “attached claim.” Since March 16, 2020 the Division of Employment Security has accepted over 497,000 unemployment claims. NC has sent $40.3 million with more going out every day.

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