Matthew Tomasino - Metro Division

This is Officer Matthew Tomasino. He has stopped four vehicle pursuits. How?

Well, while you wait for the answer, in the past couple months, he’s pulled two people away from a fully-engulfed car fire just before it exploded, stopped two stolen vehicles in the span of just five days, arrested an assault with a deadly weapon suspect and several others with a total of 11 warrants and seized an illegal firearm.

His supervisors say Officer Tomasino is willing to help his division any way he can. He comes in early, stays late, works extra assignments and more. Why? To stop those out harming members of our community in their tracks. Which leads us back to how he stopped four vehicle pursuits: in their tracks with stop sticks.

If you want to learn how to use Stop Sticks, go to and find out how you, too, can stop criminals in their tracks.

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