Financial Resolutions Are Making A Comeback

2018 is slowly coming to a close, which means 2019 is upon us and also... New Year's Resolutions!

According to Fidelity Investments Magazine, nearly one-third of Americans plan to make a money resolution for 2019, with 48 percent of them intending to save more, 29 percent looking to pay down debt, and 15 percent planning to spend less. Fidelity Investments Magazine also found that this year, 32 percent of people are considering a financial resolution for the year ahead, compared to last year's all-time low of 27 percent.

 U.S. News provided 20 money resolutions to consider for 2019.

  1. Identify financial goals
  2. Start tracking your budget
  3. Check your credit report
  4. Commit to no spend days
  5. Get healthy.. without joining a gym
  6. Boost retirement contributions
  7. Fast-track debt payoff goals
  8. Cut back on bad money habits
  9. Automate good habits
  10. Do home maintenance
  11. Cut the cable cord
  12. Go to the doctor or dentist
  13. Evaluate last year's financial mistakes
  14. Rebalance your investment portfolio
  15. Assemble your financial team 
  16. Re-evaluate your employee benefits package
  17. Call your credit card company
  18. Subscribe to a personal finance podcast
  19. Read a personal finance book
  20. Fund your health savings account

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