South Carolina Police Officers Help Deliver Child in Car

LEXINGTON, S.C. - Two police officers in South Carolina helped a woman deliver a healthy baby girl in a car.

The State reports Lendsey Holt woke up early Monday to painful contractions and knew her baby was on its way. Holt, her fiancé and her uncle headed to the hospital, but two major collisions had backed up traffic, and Holt's baby wasn't about to wait.

Lexington police Sgt. Bill Hobbs and Cpl. Nic Beza responded to an area parking lot and found Holt in labor in the back seat of her car. Hobbs, Beza and and Holt's fiancé, Dalis Brock, helped Holt while emergency services headed to the scene. Holt gave birth just as an ambulance arrived.

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