Gators produce world's first successful batch of albino alligator eggs

KENANSVILLE, Fla.- Congratulations are in order for a pair of albino alligators in Kenansville, Florida.

Wild Florida Airboats & Gator Park announced on Facebook June 7 that caretakers for Snowflake and Blizzard found eggs inside their exhibit. The discovery makes the attraction the first in the world to have a successful albino to albino gator breeding, according to a Wild Florida spokesman.

“Alligator moms are some of the best moms out there in the animal kingdom, but unfortunately, Snowflake is blind due to her albinism,” Wild Florida co-owner and co-founder Dan Munns said.

The park’s Croc Squad collected 19 albino alligator eggs and moved them to a more secure location,according to a June 8 Facebook post.

Visit WSOC for more details.

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