Facial Recognition Technology Coming Soon To Charlotte Airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- In an effort to speed up your wait time, the Charlotte Douglas International Airport is working to bring facial recognition to passengers flying internationally.

It’s a goal brought on by the airlines that fly in and out of the airport.

When you check-in for your international flight you would walk up to a camera kiosk.

It would take a picture of your face, then match that with your passport photo already in the government's database.

“It just actually speeds up the process, saves time and gives our officers more time to actually find what your true intent for coming into the United States is,” said Barry Chastain, who oversees North Carolina's U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Chastain said his department, along with the Transportation Security Administration, airport and city of Charlotte are all on board and more than excited.

However, there’s some apprehension from the American Civil Liberties Union about whether law enforcement angencies will collect a database of American faces.

Passengers can always opt-out, you would just have to go through the traditional customs procedure.

Visit WSOC for the full story.

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