‘#thatsnasty': IN Woman Accused Of Stealing, Using Another Woman's Dentures

JENNINGS COUNTY, Ind.- An Indiana woman has been accused of an unusual crime that has gone viral on social media, in part thanks to authorities’ humorous Facebook post about the caper.

Jennings County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Joann Childers is facing a theft charge after being accused Monday of stealing another woman’s dentures -- and wearing them to meet her probation officer.

“The victim reported that Joann Childers had stolen her teeth and had reportedly been wearing them around,”investigators wrote on the department’s Facebook page. “That same morning, Deputy Thomas Mellencamp spoke with a Jennings County probation officer who had met with Joann and the probation officer stated that Joann had worn teeth to her probation meeting that clearly were not hers and that she believed they may be the stolen teeth.”

The Facebook post included a litany of funny taglines: “#thatsnasty #whytho #getyourown.”

Visit WSOC for more details.

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