Escaped Emu On The lam For Weeks In NC Suddenly Seen Jumping On Car

ORANGE COUNTY, N.C.- An escaped emu has been avoiding capture for weeks now, but continues to tantalize animal control officials in Orange County, North Carolina, with sudden public appearances -- before just as suddenly disappearing.

“He apparently jumped on the hood of a car and then ran away,” Tenille Fox, with Orange County Animal Services told WTVD-TV.

No one seems to know who the bird belongs to, WTVD reported. It just appeared in a backyard in June, and then the hunt was on to find it.

“What we really need is for this emu to wander into an area that provides some sort of containment -- such as natural barriers, a pasture or some sort of fenced area," he told the news station.

Emus are flightless birds that grow over 6 feet tall and weigh as much as 100 pounds, according to National Geographic. They have powerful legs and can run as fast as 30 mph.

Visit WSOC for more details.

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