El Paso Walmart Shooting: Death Penalty Considered For Suspect With 20 Dead

EL PASO, Texas- Texas authorities said 20 people were killed and dozens more injured after a gunman opened fire inside a crowded Walmart in El Paso, Texas, Saturday morning.

The suspect was taken into custody at the scene, which police said they are still treating as an open crime scene.

Meanwhile, 8chan, a controversial website reportedly used by suspected El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius, is down after network provider Cloudflare announced it was "terminating service" for the forum.

"We reluctantly tolerate content that we find reprehensible, but we draw the line at platforms that have demonstrated they directly inspire tragic events and are lawless by design," Cloudflare CEO Matthew Princesaid on the company's blog. "8chan has crossed that line. It will therefore no longer be allowed to use our services."

Prince also called 8chan "a cesspool of hate."

El Paso police spokesman Sgt. Robert Gomez said the store and the parking lot are still active crime scenes. He said while some people were shot and killed in the parking lot, most of the victims were inside the store.

The suspect, identified as Patrick Crusius, 21, surrendered on foot near the crime scene when he was confronted by police, Gomez confirmed.

Visit WSOC for more details.

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