Juul Suspends Sales of Fruity Flavors Indefinitely

Nearly a month after changing CEOs and suspending all advertisements in the United States, Juul is suspending the sale of all fruity flavors.

NBC News reported the suspension was announced by the company Thursday.

"We continue to review our policies and practices in advance of FDA's flavor guidance and have not made any final decisions," Juul spokesman Austin Finan said in a statement,according to NBC News. "We are refraining from lobbying the administration on its draft flavor guidance and will fully support and comply with the final policy when effective."

Mint, menthol and tobacco flavors will still be sold and continue to appear on the company's age-restricted website. Last year, the company stopped selling the fruity flavors, like mango, creme, fruit and cucumber in retail stores, but they were available on the website.

Visit WSOCTV for more details.

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