Heads Up, Travelers: Major Lane Changes Coming to Charlotte's Airport

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Attention travelers: Changes are coming to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Beginning Thursday at 11 p.m. the airport will open five lower lanes to the public.

Two of the five lanes are designated for drop-off and pick-up. The other three lanes near the "Hourly Deck" are designated to regulate traffic throughout.

Drivers headed to the lower level should follow the signs which will route them to arrivals. 

Here are some other notable changes for drivers and passengers to be aware of: 

  • For travelers using a ride-app service, such asUberorLyft, pick-up will be located on the upper level starting Friday and will relocate to the lower level of the public lanes (Zone 4) at 5 a.m. on Oct. 31.
  • Private and commercial vehicles such as shuttles and buses will share the five public lanes from Thursday to Oct. 31.
  • Commercial vehicles will shift from the five public lanes to the three new lower lanes on Oct. 31.

Visit WSOCTV for more details.

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