Petition Started to Close McAmey Manor, Haunted House With 40-Page Waiver

SUMMERTOWN, Tenn. - A scary venue that is marketed as an extreme haunted house in Summertown, Tennessee, is now the focus of a petition striving to shut it down.

A new petition, "Shut Down McAmey Manor" has more than 9,000 signatures.

Petition organizer Frankie Towery said McAmey Manor is not a haunted house, but instead a "kidnapping and torture house" and should be shut down, WZTV reported.

He is petitioningthe Tennessee Senate to close McAmey Manor.

To experience McAmey Manor is, you have to be 21 and older, or 18 to 20 and have parents' approval. Then you have to have a sports physical and doctor's letter saying that you're physically and mentally cleared for the challenge. You also have to pass a background test and be screened by the haunted house's employees. After that, you must have proof of medical insurance and pass a portable drug test the day you go before finally signing a 40-page waiver.

Visit WSOCTV fore more details.

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