Ho Ho Holiday Hotline

102.9 The Lake and Peppermint Forest Christmas Shop's Ho Ho Holiday Hotline

Dial #250, say "Ho Ho Ho" and leave a message after the beep.

Santa Claus is waiting for you to call the Ho Ho Holiday Hotline!

All season long, we could play your child's message to Santa on the air for all to hear! It's simple, too. Just have your child start their message with their first name and what part of town they're in, then leave a message for jolly old Saint Nick. Try to keep it under 20 seconds if you can.

Remember, by leaving a voicemail on the Ho Ho Holiday Hotline, you are allowing us to air your message on 102.9 The Lake or 1029thelake.com.

So dial #250 and say "Ho Ho Ho," pass the phone to your child, have them take a deep breath and leave their message for Santa after the beep!

Happy Holidays and thanks for listening to the Carolina's 102.9 The Lake!

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