Petition Calls for City to Improve Sidewalk Safety Near Plaza Midwood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A petition circulating around Plaza Midwood calls for major improvements to sidewalks in the area along The Plaza, between Parkwood and Anderson.

The effort comes after the NBC Charlotte Defenders team revealed hundreds of sidewalk complaints around the city. 

NBC Charlotte even talked to one woman previously who said she was rushed to the hospital after tripping and falling on a cracked sidewalk.

In response to the latest effort, the city has repaired some of the sidewalks in the Plaza Midwood area, but NBC Charlotte found others in bad shape.  

Some people say they don’t even want to walk in the area.

“I hear all the time about close calls,” said Renee Bradley, an organizer of the petition.

Bradley says some residents would prefer to walk to the local businesses near their homes, but they don’t.

“They're scared to, it's very dangerous," Bradley said. "So they end up having to drive to places that are within a mile of their house."

Several neighborhood associations support the petition, which calls for the Charlotte Department of Transportation to make major improvements to sidewalks along The Plaza.

“The concrete is in disrepair, but there's also literally like three-foot space for a pedestrian to walk," Bradley said. "You're right next to the vehicles speeding by."

The NBC Charlotte Defenders investigation found it’s a much bigger problem. 

NBC Charlotte uncovered 300 pages of sidewalk complaints to the city just since 2017. In some cases, people have been serious injured.

Visit WCNC for more details.

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