Specialty NC License Plate Created to Help Save the Venus Flytrap

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Two North Carolina organizations are working together to help save a plant native to North Carolina, but in danger of disappearing. 

The Venus flytrap is known around the world but is only native to a 90-mile area around Wilmington, NC.

The North Carolina Botanical Garden and the Friends of Plant Conservation teamed up to create a new license plate featuring the Venus flytrap. 

If the organizations are able to get 500 applications for plate purchases by February 15, the plates will become available. 

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles requires that requests for special registration plates are approved by the NC General Assembly and have a minimum number of paid applications before the DMV will issue the plate. 

In order to get a license plate, NC drivers need their vehicle registration card anda printed version of the Venus Flytrap License Plate Application. Those interested can fill out the application and mail it along with a check or money order to North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation. Mailing information can be found on their website.

In the event the organizations don't get 500 applications, all those who sent one in will be issued a refund.

Visit WCNC for more details.

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