They're Back! Dunkaroos Will Finally Return to Stores in 2020

It appears their big return is finally near. The snack that any sugar-addicted child of the 1980s and 1990s knows, if not loves: Betty Crocker's Dunkaroos.

Dunkaroos, which consist of small cookies that you dip into frosting with colorful sprinkles, was discontinued two decades ago.

But now, on the verified Instagram account for Dunkaroos, there seems to be a special video announcement posted Monday morning: "Frosted tips? Definitely not coming back. 90s fashion? Probably coming back. Dunkaroos? Definitely coming back! Summer 2020."

So when will Dunkaroos be on store shelves?

Don't hold your breath. The company has not officially confirmed the date they will be available for purchase - instead just confirming it would be in the summer.

The company has also not said which flavors will be available. 

According to a food blog on Fandom, the original Dunkaroos had "Vanilla Icing with Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Icing with Graham cookies, Strawberry Icing with Vanilla Cookies, Vanilla Icing with Cinnamon Graham Cookies, and Rain." They made their debut in 1988 and were discontinued in 2000.

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